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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Boolean Strings for Google.

Basic understanding of Boolean strings on Google:

AND Search

(Fetches all the results in keywords) EX: JAVA AND SQLGoogle understands as SPACE
Ex: Instead of Searching for JAVA AND SQL you can search for JAVA SQL.

OR Search
(Fetches any of the results in keywords) EX: JAVA OR SQLGoogle understands as " | " 
Ex: Instead of Searching for JAVA OR SQL you can search for (JAVA | SQL)

NOT Search

(Excludes keywords from results) EX: NOT .NetGoogle understands as " - " Ex: Instead of Searching for (JAVA OR SQL) NOT .Net you can search for (JAVA | SQL) -.Net

~ Similar Search
(Search for Synonym's) EX: Resume, CV, Profile, Curriculum Vitae

Google understand as " ~ " EX: To search for Resume, profile USE: ~Resume ~Profile

" " Phrase Search
(Search for complete phrase) EX: "JAVA Developer"
Words entered in double quotes will appear together as it is in all results.

"*" A
sterisk in Search Works like fill in the blanks
EX: "4 * Years" - Fetches the results like "4 plus years" OR "4+ years"

( ) Set Search
(Get results from different sets)
EX: Lets suppose
Set 1  = (AVP OR "Assistant Vice President")
Set 2  = (Finance OR Accounts OR CA)
Now when we search for Set 1 AND Set 2 results i.e.: 
(AVP OR "Assistant Vice President") AND (Finance OR Accounts OR CA) it will fetch results as any of the keyword from Set 1 and any of the keyword from Set 2

Specify where your search terms occur on the page - anywhere on the page, in the title, in the url, in the text or in the link of the page.

To occur in title of page use intitle:
EX: intitle:resume
To occur in URL of page use inurl:EX: inurl:resume
To occur in text of page use intext:EX: intext:"Java Developer"

File format:
To get the specific "File Format' results 

(EX: Word or PDF document)

Use: filetype:doc for Doc file results, similarly use filetype:pdf for PDF file results
Use: ext:doc OR ext:pdf OR ext:xls

File types indexed by Google :

Adobe Portable Document Format
Adobe Postscript
Corel WorldPerfect
wk1, wk2, wk3, wk4, wk5, wki, wks, wku
Lotus WordPro
Mac Write
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Rich Text Format (RTF)
Microsoft Write
txt, ans
Works Spreadsheet
Works Database

Domain restriction or X-Ray search: 
To get the results from a specific website:

Use: site:


".." Number Range Search:
To get the results within the specific given number range (Any number range - Date, Years, Experience, Age, Height, Weight, ZIP...etc)

EX: 5..15 Years experience (For experience range)
2011..2014 (For date range)
25..55 Years age (For Age range)
94101..94199 (For Zip code - to fetch local results of San Francisco, CA)

Keep Blogging for more sourcing techniques...!

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